Antisemitism 911 is a resource of The Focus Project, a joint initiative of a broad coalition of U.S. Jewish organizations working together to combat antisemitism and anti-Zionism in America.

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When we, or someone close to us, experience a traumatic event like an antisemitic incident, we want help fast. We want some guidance on what to say, how to respond, or who to call. While there are many expert organizations who provide this support, finding them on the internet is not always easy.

This is where Antisemitism 911 comes in: we gather useful information, tools, and links in an easy-to-navigate site, allowing those affected to respond to the situation faster and, hopefully, more effectively.

Leveraging the depth and breadth of our partner organizations and their resources, the Antisemitism 911 website serves as a central repository and gateway to key information for those impacted by an antisemitic incident. Our intent is not to recreate this content, but rather to make it more accessible and easier to find.

Often, we find that – if taking action seems too complicated, we tend to let the situation pass. Doing that too often can inadvertently promote greater ignorance and more of the same behavior, making it that much harder to stop in the future. By giving you more practical tools to respond, we hope to make a dent in reacting to the antisemitic bias we see in our community and by reacting more quickly and effectively, to stem the rising tide of Jew-hatred in our country.

A Work in Progress

This website is a living and evolving project. We aim to improve it over time providing additional resources as they are developed, or as the need arises and taking advantage of any new technologies to make the site continually easier to use. We would love to hear from you about any additional information you would like to see or share, any experiences you would like us to address, or any other suggestions.

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