Hate crimes or incidents often go unreported and there are many valid reasons for that. Victims of hate are often traumatized and fear that reporting will further harm them. They may be fearful of retaliation, that the perpetrator will return and harass them, or they may have little faith that the system will actually do something about it. While such fear is often valid, the risk of NOT reporting may be greater.

Reporting Antisemitism Matters

When you report antisemitic incidents you:

  1. Protect the safety of yourself and those around you
  2. Promote an inclusive and respectful environment (work, school or other)
  3. Send a message that what happened is NOT okay and can’t be repeated
  4. Get access to resources and support
  5. Enlist the help and support of professionals experienced in such matters

Report Antisemitic Incidents

Many organizations report, track and publish data about antisemitic incidents, and some also offer monetary rewards for information leading to the perpetrators’ arrest and conviction. While you don’t need to report to everyone, the following organizations are all trained in conducting investigations, routing the information to the proper authorities and providing community support.

Whether experienced online, at school or your job site, many other reporting resources are also at your disposal:

Contact HR

Contact your local Human Resources (HR) department. They are specifically trained to respond and support you as an employee.

Contact the EEOC

If you are uncomfortable or otherwise wish to reach outside of your own organization, you can contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Federal agency that administers and enforces civil rights laws against workplace discrimination.

If you fear physical danger to you and/or others, contact campus police/security immediately

Contact your principal, guidance counselor, department head or campus administration as applicable

If needed, consider filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education

ReportCampusHate.org is a portal to report antisemitic and/or bias incidents targeting Jewish community members on North American college campuses.

Don't be silent!

The more we know and track, the better we can address this and drive change.