There are many organizations and resources to support you when experiencing an antisemitic event. Whether national or local, offering legal or mental support, we have listed a few of those on our site.

Legal Counsel:

There are various organizations offering pro bono Legal Advice. Some examples: 

Consider contacting the U.S. Department of Justice for any suspected civil rights violations

Mental Health:

A personal experience with an antisemitic event can have traumatic mental health impacts. You may feel confused, hurt, or depressed. You may be unwilling to take on your usual activities or feel vulnerable. These are all common responses to this type of incident. After calling out the act and reporting it using one of the mechanisms listed in this site, you can and should also seek help from a professional and/or talk with a clergy member about your experience. Here are some resources:

Provides telephone-based, non-crisis support for anyone struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues. You can also talk with your rabbi and your family and friends. This is a difficult time, and speaking to someone about it will help you better understand, cope and take action.