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    • Naftali Bennett, , former Israeli prime minister
    • Michal Cotler-Wunsh, Israel’s Special Envoy for Combatting Antisemitism
    • Bassem Eid, Palestinian Human Rights activist
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    • Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq
    • Aviva Klompas, co-founder Boundless Israel education
    • Hen Mazzig, Israeli writer and activist
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    • Canary Mission, exposing hatred and antisemitism on university campuses
    • AIPAC, working to strengthen congressional support for Israel
    • UN Watch, combatting antisemitism and anti-Israel bias at the United Nations
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What to say:

As you are likely bombarded by people asking for your views and perspectives on the current situation, below are some talking points prepared by the Focus Project, a collaborative effort of leading national Jewish organizations such as the ADL, StandWithUs, Hadassah, and many others. Feel free to share them with your friends, repeat them in sermons, media and podcast interviews, classroom settings, or any other platform as appropriate.

October 7 is a date etched into the collective Jewish memory, bearing deep significance for the State of Israel and Jews worldwide. Just as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Pearl Harbor marked a turning point for America, 10/7 signifies a crucial moment in Jewish history. From surviving historical horrors – including the Catholic Inquisition, countless pogroms and the Holocaust – to defending Israel, 10/7 underscores the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the future of the Jewish state. This date represents the memories and challenges endured in the Jewish people’s relentless pursuit of self-determination and security. This is another war of independence against the evil forces that pursue the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

An elderly woman in her walker dragged away by force; teenagers gunned down while fleeing armed terrorists who invaded a music festival; mothers and their young children snatched from a bus station; hundreds executed at close range. Families dragged by force, humiliated, stripped and paraded in front of rabid Hamas supporters in Gaza. They are suffering unspeakable horrors amid despicable war crimes.

Whether you are a woman, man, or simply a human being, you must be outraged by the brutal rape and slaughter of innocent civilians. If not, then what values do we have as a society? The premeditated Hamas attacks intentionally targeted innocent Jews in their homes celebrating a Jewish holiday and the weekly sabbath. No matter where you are from, what tribe you belong to or what you believe in, these barbaric acts can never be tolerated, let alone supported.

Hamas is not a freedom fighting resistance movement. It is a radical, misogynistic terror organization, committing rape, torture and genocide with only one goal – the extermination of the Jewish state. In fact, Hamas causes just as much harm to the Palestinian people they govern. The horrific violations of international humanitarian law prove a blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life and the principles that underpin a civilized society.

Israel is a democratic nation committed to the protection of human rights. Iran’s radical Islamist leaders and its proxies are dedicated to the extermination of all Israelis – especially Jews. Democratic societies uphold the principles of due process, justice and proportionality in their efforts to safeguard citizens. In stark contrast, Hamas barbarians’ blatant disregard of these principles by deliberately targeting innocent civilians, launching rockets from densely populated areas and using human shields as part of their strategy. Such actions are fundamentally immoral and run counter to the most basic values of humanity. Intentionally harming civilians is morally indefensible.

It is about Hamas and its fellow Iran proxies going to any lengths to destroy the Jewish state. Yes, this is a complicated issue. Yes, we are concerned for the plight of the Palestinian people, but they are no better served by the likes of Hamas and Iran, who do not seek peace or coexistence. The Palestinian people should be freed from Hamas.

Hamas terrorists do not wear military uniforms; they blend in with civilians. They build bases, store bombs and launch rockets from civilian neighborhoods, underneath hospitals, schools and mosques. On the other hand, Israel makes every effort to avoid any civilian casualties. The IDF notifies Palestinians before taking out Hamas sites in Gaza. Hamas did not provide any warning before butchering Israelis celebrating outside and sleeping inside. There is no defense for the crimes against humanity committed by Hamas and its allies.

What would you do if terrorists armed with machine guns invaded your community and home, searching for people to murder and abduct. What would you expect your government to do? Those who insist Israel do nothing in the face of terror are holding the Jewish State to a dangerous double standard. No other country, including our own, would ever accept that.

As lead sponsors and funders of Hamas, Iran’s radical religious leaders are clearly supporting the terrorist atrocities. The state-sponsored propaganda spewed by the Iranian merchants of death demand that Israel be wiped off the map. And soon the ayatollahs will have nuclear weapons. Iran funds and provides weapons to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank, to Hezbollah in Lebanon – and supports the enemy Syrian government, all united in their hatred and aim to eradicate Israel.

Calls to “free Gaza” should be directed at Hamas. Many Palestinians living in Gaza want a free and open society, free from Hamas. The dehumanizing and grotesque assaults were likely launched to prevent a normalization agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel, designed to bring peace to the region and offer a better life for all Palestinians.

Palestinians living in Gaza are ruthlessly controlled by the autocratic Hamas leadership. Many Palestinians share the same desire for freedom, democracy and human rights that Americans and Israelis enjoy. They want a society where they can express themselves freely, participate in the political process and enjoy basic civil liberties without fear of repression or persecution. Despite the challenges they face, some Gazans have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in their quest for a more open and democratic society. The promotion of freedom and democracy is not only a moral imperative, but also vital for peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Americans don’t need to choose a side in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In an interview with Bill Maher, Israel’s then Special Envoy for Combating Antisemitism and Delegitimization Noa Tishby, stated: “I’m pro-Israeli and I’m also pro-Palestinian.” It is important to recognize that supporting both communities is necessary to promote stability and peace in the region. Encouraging leaders to engage in constructive dialogue and negotiations can help bridge the divide and find common ground. Supporting initiatives that promote education and bring together Palestinian and Israeli youth to learn about each other’s cultures and histories can help break down barriers and foster understanding, essential for building a foundation of trust and cooperation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “I don’t know how you can have a ceasefire, a permanent ceasefire, with an organization like Hamas, which is dedicated to turmoil and chaos and destroying the State of Israel. I think what the Arab countries in the region understand is that Hamas has got to go.” The founding covenant of Hamas explicitly calls for the destruction of the Jewish state. Its control of Gaza is marked by authoritarianism, human rights abuses and a disregard for the welfare of Palestinians. Hamas is incapable of making Gaza thrive because it dedicates its resources to the destruction of Israel and not the construction of Gaza, and the betterment of its citizens.

Rapidly rising anti-Jewish bigotry in the streets and on campuses is a frightening reminder that antisemitism abounds even in our modern world. This growth also unequivocally reveals that anti-Zionism is clearly antisemitism. Germany in the 1920s was considered the most tolerant culture in Europe, and Jews were integrated into society. Within 10 years, Germans became increasingly brainwashed to hate their fellow citizens who were different from them. Condemnation alone is insufficient to tackle this antisemitism. A multifaceted approach is necessary: education to reject stereotypes, awareness campaigns and the reinforcement of laws that combat discrimination.

Focus on the Facts:

You likely hear many statements from people purportedly citing ‘news’ from a variety of sources, many of which are pure fabrications or, at best, missing key facts.
Below are a few such common misconceptions and the more accurate facts behind them:

Reality: This statement calls for the destruction and elimination of the Jewish state – from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. It is NOT a call from freedom and does not support a two-state solution, nor any form of co-existence.

Reality: Ten years ago, Gaza’s population was 1.7 million; today it is 2.2 million. The West Bank’s population was 2.7 million; today it’s 3.2 million. Population growth is the exact opposite of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Reality: Jews decolonized the Land of Israel. The Kingdom of Israel existed around 1000 BCE and was succeeded by the Kingdom of Judah until the Babylonians besieged and destroyed the capital of Jerusalem in 587 BCE. Many empires ruled this land, including the Babylonians, the Romans – who renamed the area Palestine as an insult to the Jewish people, the Byzantines, Islamic caliphates, Christian crusaders, the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate for Palestine that ended in 1948. During this time, Jews were continuously present in the Land of Israel even though most Jews were expelled to the diaspora. There were not any independent states during the time between the Kingdom of Judah and the State of Israel. Palestine had been synonymous with the Jewish people: The Palestine Post was a Jewish newspaper and the Palestine Symphony Orchestra – founded by Jews – is today’s Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Israel decolonized the land from the British. Even though there has never been an independent Muslim or Arab state in the region, the path to peace is through cooperation, including a Palestinian state and Israel living together.

Reality: The stories of the Hamas massacre are proven through many videos recorded by Hamas terrorists themselves, who gleefully recorded their atrocities, as well autopsies of the brutalized victims, many of them burned beyond recognition. There are Americans who are mirroring the rhetoric of Holocaust deniers – rejecting evidence about how Hamas butchered Jews. You can see for yourself at this site.

Reality: Palestinians could have had agency yet Hamas has never provided a better life for its citizens. The Palestinians receive more aid per capita than any country in the world – including $40 billion from 1996 to 2020. Arab and European countries have poured billions into Gaza that was used by Hamas to build bombs, rockets and terror tunnels.

Reality: While Israel does supply around 10% of the water, Hamas controls all water access in Gaza. Austria provided funding for a Gaza plant completed in 1999. France and Arab countries offered funding for a new plant; Israel supported its construction and provided training for Palestinians in 2013 but the plant was never built.

Reality: U.S., UK and independent military sources have all concluded that the explosion resulted from a failed missile launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. President Biden affirmed these reports and blamed misfired Palestinian rockets for the deaths of the innocent civilians.

Reality: Israel approved 100 trucks a day of humanitarian aid into Gaza during its war against Iran-backed Hamas terrorists. Israel attempted to provide fuel to the Al Shifa hospital but its Hamas-run leaders refused. Israel is also providing humanitarian corridors to allow Palestinian civilians to move away from the fighting with Hamas terrorists. Unfortunately, Hamas has blocked roads and even shot at Gazans trying to evacuate. Many remain unaware that Egypt also shares a border with Gaza.

Reality: The Israeli communities attacked by Hamas are legally established towns and cities in the sovereign state of Israel. Hamas sees ALL of Israel in its entirely as occupied territory that must be destroyed.

Reality: Gaza has been an independent territory governed by Iranian-backed Hamas since 2005. Israel uprooted all of its settlements from Gaza and withdrew all of its civilians and soldiers nearly 20 years ago. Israel left behind greenhouses and other infrastructure, which Palestinian extremists destroyed. Israel and Egypt both share a border with Gaza, yet Israel was the only country attacked.

Fact: Hamas has controlled the independent government of Gaza since 2007 when it violently seized control from the Palestinian Authority. Hamas has been free to build schools and improve the lives of Gazans yet it chose to divert most of its funds to dig and equip extensive tunnels, build rockets and purchase smuggled arms. Any Palestinian suffering is caused by the terrorists who impose their will on their citizens.

Reality: Israel is recognized by the world’s best militaries for the care it takes to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas terrorists do not wear military uniforms; they blend in with civilians. They build bases, store bombs and launch rockets intentionally from residential neighborhoods as a way to maximize civilian casualties.

Reality: Hamas’ charter specifically calls out for the complete destruction of the Jewish state and has stated that proudly in its speeches and writings.

Reality: The Hamas-run Health Ministry is fully controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization. There is no way to verify its claims. Minutes after the false reports on the ‘hospital’ bombing, the Hamas-run Health Ministry immediately published the claim that 500 Palestinians were killed. How could the number of deaths have been determined in minutes?

Reality: Iran-backed Hamas intentionally builds tunnels under UN schools, locates its headquarters under a hospital and stores weapons in mosques – turning Gaza citizens into human shields. Israel goes to great lengths – not undertaken by most other nations – to warn Palestinian civilians. This includes sending messages to Palestinian cell phones and dropping flyers that warn of impending danger.

Reality: Hamas intentionally targets civilians – both Israelis and Palestinian. Terrorists and their supporters claim that the group does not harm civilians and treats them humanely. A video showing Hamas terrorists caring for young children in an Israeli community – carrying a baby and feeding kids – with their parents clearly missing, has circulated across social media. Now, Hamas has slowly began releasing female hostages. This is part of its propaganda war.

Talk with your kids: